About Two Palms Designs Jewelry

“Working with color and texture, I get to hold earth in the palm of my hands." - Michelle

Michelle Hyde, owner and designer of Two Palms Designs has been creating jewelry for over 5 years.  Prior to crafting jewelry, Michelle worked in the tech industry specializing in the area of software design.  This was where Michelle discovered her creative side and interest in designing something that is usable and has purpose.   After a few years in the tech industry, she left the workforce to raise her two children.   As her children started attending school full-time, Michelle started creating jewelry as a mindful and relaxing hobby.  It allowed her to use her creative mind and to design very unique pieces that had meaning. As her skills developed she broadened her designs and Two Palms Designs was formed.

Michelle has categorized Two Palms Designs into several collections: Yoga Life, Classic, Boho Chic, Full of Faith and For Your Soul.   Created to represent each facet of a woman’s life. A woman plays many roles in her daily life, and Michelle wants to recognize that by creating unique pieces for each role.  From morning yoga, corporate casual, ladies night, vacation, or keeping her faith; all these roles deserve to be acknowledged. Combining classic and trendy designs to create pieces that appeal to all these facets of a woman’s life is the purpose of Michelle's journey.

Using high-quality materials, semi-precious and precious stones gives her jewelry not only beauty, but durability and practicality.  She believes you can make a trend statement without going over the top.  While inspired by current trends, yet creating them with simplicity, is how new designs are developed by Two Palms Designs.

Two Palms Designs has grown from selling on ETSY and craft fairs, to boutiques and yoga studios on Long Island, NYC, NJ, and Florida.  Her online store, www.twopalmsdesigns.com  is also available for retail shopping.